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Airports: There are two easily accessible airports in our regiosn Bordeaux- Mérignac  and  Bergerac- Roumanières.

For further details click on the following :

Bordeaux International Airport:  

Bergerac Roumanieres Airport: 


We would like to reccomend to clients the following selection of gîtes, hotels  and B & B...... 


Chateau de Sanse, close to  Gensac 33890                                     

Chateau Vigiers, close to Bergerac, (for golfers)                               


Bed & Breakfast:

Château Carbonneau- a vineyard close to Gensac                       

La Girarde à Caplong                                                                         


Gite :

Close to Gensac :                                           

Or more general :                                                               


If you want any further information please contact me, I will be pleased to help. 


Office de tourisme  Entre Deux Mers:                                                

or  for more information on the village of Gensac.